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News New Survival server Added!

Hi Crafters!

Today is a great beautiful day. Today we have added our 2nd server! We have added our Survival server.

Because we have added our survival server, that also means that we have a new Lobby. This means that as soon as you join the server, you automatically enter the new Lobby! Below we explain everything to you!


What can you find in the lobby?

★ Pokemon Hunt: there is a pokemon hunt in the lobby for your players to find hidden pokemon. There are quite a few pokemon to find. Some are extremely hidden, some are in the open. Players get a reward when they find them.

★ Server Music: that's right! There are over 79 different tracks like Nyan Cat, Gangman Style, The A Team, All Star and more. Your players would not stop listening to it!

★ 26+ Gadgets: your players can obtain ammo for these gadgets in order for them to use the gadgets. They are pretty cool! Ammo can be bought with coins or won from the Treasure Chests. These gadgets are here for fun and some of them are very nice.

★ 17+ Pets: these adorable creatures are there for your players to unlock. These creatures range from a chicken and a pig to a massive flying dragon and a mini wither!

★ 16+ Trails: these stunning trails will make the player stand out and make them look cool! There are some truly unique ones. The trails follow and orbit your player to make you stand out from the rest.

★ 14+ Mounts: your players can come and ride these creatures around the hub! This features a few horses, a hyper cart and even a slime!

★ 15+ Suit Pieces: ever wanted to wear some nice suits? Well now you can, these suits are very nice! The cool rave suits slowly change color over time. They are a great addition to your server to make it unique.

★ 7+ Emotes: these are animated hats your players wear that can resemble an expression. These are nice emoticons which players can use to express what they are feeling.

★ 100+ Hats: these hats can be unlocked and your players can wear them! There are so many different hats which means there are so many hats to unlock!

★ Treasure Chests: players can obtain treasure keys and open treasure chests to gain ammo gadgets, win morphs, mounts, emotes, suits, hats and more!

★ Player Settings: players can adjust their speed, visibility, flight, stacker, double jump and more!

★ Daily Rewards: this will reward players. There is the member reward and the donator reward.

★ Parkour: there is a parkour that goes around the lobby. It is not too hard and not too easy. The aim is to finish the parkour in the shortest time possible.


What can you find in survival?

★ PVP | A large ancient gladiator themed PVP arena, contains lots of open space for players to fight.
Spoiler: PVP Arena

★ Commands, perks, and cosmetic shop | Players can spend their in-game currency to purchase permissions to advance their gameplay; as well as purchasing cosmetics like trails.

★ Grief Prevention Players can claim land with a golden shovel, to protect it from griefers. Players earn claim blocks while they're playing.

★ Pouches | Purchase pouches for a chance to win big!

★ x3 Donator Ranks | VIP, MVP, ULTRA.

★ Mining Rewards | Players can earn rewards by achieving block milestones. There is also a menu to show you the rewards (/ MiningRewards).

★ Sell GUI | An easy to use sell system, insert all the items you want to sell and it will total how much it's worth, and confirm to sell.

★ Quests Choose and complete many different types or quests for rewards.

★ Crates There are 7 crates to loot for rewards; including rare, key and claimblock crates. They all have an animation when opening them.

★ Bank Withdraw XP, withdraw money, access your enderchest and backpack.

★ Backpack | Store items in your backpack. You can upgrade your backpack from 1 to 6 rows, and buy perks to

★ Custom Enchants | Upgrade your tools, weaponry, and armor with exciting custom enchants. Also, there's a custom shop for purchase books, dust, scrolls etc.

★ Settings | Personal menu (/ settings), player menu

★ Bounties Set bounties on people so they're targeted to be killed, or claim set bounties for money!

★ Portal | A large portal at spawn, which will teleport you to a random location in the main world.

★ Auction House | Sell and buy items from the auction house.

★ Elevators | Easy to create and use elevators to quickly teleport up and down floors.

★ Trade | Players can safely trade each other through a GUI. Players can trade blocks, items, and money.

★ MCMMO | Train your stats like unarmed, archery, alchemy etc to develop and strengthen your character. Messages are also displayed in the action bar to prevent spam.

★ Temporary Fly | Players can purchase tempory fly. Donators are entitled to discounted prices.

★ Plots | Players can claim a free plot to build, create shops, build and more. Players can purchase a second plot; and donators get additional free plots.

If you got any questions? Feel free to make a topic!

Have fun Crafters!


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