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Hi PorksCrafters!

Today we have opened our faction server. This server is in beta mode, if you come across things that are not right, not working or you have suggestions let us know.

What can you expect in our Faction server:

▪ Custom menus | More than 5379 lines of custom menus, using base heads, titles, sounds, updating placeholders for factions, timers/placeholders on the main menu, etc...
▪ 6x | Donator ranks
▪ 26x | Total kits "including crates stuff, donor kits, etc"
▪ 8000x8000 borders "Factions world" | 6000x6000 borders "flat end/nether worlds"
▪ Scaffold/genbucket | Craftables scaffolds and genbuckets "cobblestone/sand"
▪ Withdraw money/experience | Withdraw money into bank notes to trade it with other players.
▪ Factions, power/members/chat.. all the messages were edited for a different look "colors, etc.."
▪ Bounties | With a GUI to see all the...

Due to a technical error in our friend refer system, we were unfortunately unable to keep track of our REFERRAL CONTEST! Our apologies.

To make everyone happy, there is a 50% sale in the webshop until 07/06/2019. 50% discount applies to all products.

How do you get rewards when you invite people?
1. Invite your friend to our Discord Server. (Create a invite link).
2. Let your friend join our Minecraft Server.
3. Type @staff and say "Can i get my reward"
4. A staff member will help you. You and your friend need to be online at the server.
5. Both get rewarded.

* Alt accounts are forbidden. If we catch you with an alt account, you will be banned.

The number 1 inviter will recieve $ 50 gift card (Webstore PorkCraft)

Good luck boys!

Greetings PorkCrafters,

We’re here to announce our SkyBlock Season 1. This post will cover some of the new features you’ll be able to play on the new skyblock server! It will open on 20-06-2019, 8PM (20:00 CET)
We were aware of the bugs that are currently going, and we tried to fix it all and add some new features. If you still do encounter any further bugs or any issues be sure to make a bug report ticket as we shall be closely looking at that section to fix things as soon as possible on the new reset!

We hope to see you there!


Top Island Rewards
Rewards for SkyBlock Season 1:
  • #1 Island - $350 Shop Voucher
  • #2 Island - $200 Shop Voucher
  • #3 Island - $125 Shop Voucher
Top Island Vote
  • #1 Island - $50 Shop Voucher
  • #2 Island - $25 Shop Voucher
  • #3 Island - $10 Shop Voucher
To view the top islands...
Hi PorkCrafters!

Today we have added new functions on the 'Survival' server. Below you will find a list of everything that has been added and what has changed.


Everyone has Snapchat these days. Every day we send millions of photos / videos to each other worldwide. Today Snapchat has arrived in PorkCraft Survival. Make friends and send fun and interesting photos / videos to each other. You can use snapchat through /snapchat.






The trade show arrived in PorkCraft Survival today. You can trade on the stock exchange from now on. This fair looks at the Trade Fair in real life every 15 minutes. Are you good at acting? Make your move and who...
Hi PorkCrafters,

This is the patchnote of 09-06-2019
We have changed and improved a number of things.
Below you will find all changes

- Fixed the rank prefixes.
- Added custom join messages for donators and staff.
- Added Armor Stand Tools. You can create good looking Armor Stands (Donators only)

- Added BannerMaker + Gui. You can create awesome banners. (Donators Only)

- Added FastCraft. (Donators Only)

- Fixed /depth
- Fixed clearinventory permission. Use /clearinventory
- Changed pet Pajaro for Astronaut
- Added Armor Stand Tools. (use)
- Added FastCraft
- Added BannerMaker

- Fixed /depth
- Permission to clone your Armor Stand
- Added FastCraft
- Added BannerMaker

- Added FastCraft
- Added BannerMaker
- Permission to summon your Armor Stand

- Added FastCraft
- Added BannerMaker
- Permission to use...
Hi PorkCrafters,

This is the patchnote of 09-06-2019
We have changed and improved a number of things.
Below you will find all changes

* Drop chance of cash from the crates have been reduced.
* Kit Twitch is available. / kit twitch
* Kit Youtuber is available. / youtuber kit
* Spawners can now only be mined as a stack (level). The bug that you get new spawners is solved.
* Prices of the upgrade of the spawners have gone up.
* Spawners now stack automatically

* Shards have been added. Chance of getting a shard from a mob is 4%. Special items can be found in the shard shop. Among other things, ranks.
* Kit Twitch is available. / kit twitch
* Kit Youtuber is available. / youtuber kit

* Chat prefix has been fixed.

All servers:
* We have added coreprotect. This means that all mods / admin can now see who has placed or removed which block.

We have now also added something new in general.
You now receive a reward when reporting bugs. This reward is random...
Hi Crafters!

Today is a great beautiful day. Today we have added our 2nd server! We have added our Survival server.

Because we have added our survival server, that also means that we have a new Lobby. This means that as soon as you join the server, you automatically enter the new Lobby! Below we explain everything to you!



What can you find in the lobby?

★ Pokemon Hunt: there is a pokemon hunt in the lobby for your players to find hidden pokemon. There are quite a few pokemon to find. Some are extremely hidden, some are in the open. Players get a reward when they find them.

★ Server Music: that's right! There are over 79 different tracks like Nyan Cat, Gangman Style, The A Team, All Star and more. Your players would not stop listening to it!

★ 26+ Gadgets: your players can obtain ammo for these gadgets in order for them to use the gadgets. They are pretty cool! Ammo can be bought with coins...
Hi crafters,

We have added a new shards plugin to the server today. The old shards plugin had a nasty bug that we couldn't get out of it. That is why we have decided to implement a new plugin.

How does this Shards plugin work:

This plugin works a little differently than you are used to on our server. There are 2 category items. Category "Normal" and "Special".
Every 24 hours the range changes to "Normal" Category. This means that other items are in the shop every 24 hours. "Special" category changes every 72 hours (3d).

You can buy the items with shards. Shards that you get when killing mobs. Every mob has a 4% chance of dropping a shard. The following mobs give shards:

- Zombie
- Skeleton
- Blaze
- Creeper
- Enderman
- Chicken
- Cow
- Pig
- Wither
- Iron Golem

To purchase items with shards, go to the NPC shards. You can use / warp shards or / spawn and then walk towards the crates.

We will continue to change the offer in the shards shop, so keep an eye on this.

Here are...

Porkcraft Invite Contest!
Invite your friends to celebrate with us the opening of PorkCraft SkyBlock!
To give you guys a reward for invite your friends,
we organize a contest!

A Referral Contest!
Bring as much people in the server as you can
and win 20$ CASH!

How can i invite?
Tell your buddy to join the server. You both can join on
When you both are online, the referral (inviter) need to typ /refer
The other player need to typ /referaccept
When the referral is complete your both recieve a reward!

Invited player has to be online for at least 1 day! (Total)
Dont referral players who already playing on the server!

1st. 20$ CASH
2e. 10$ Vouchercode shop
3e. 5$ Vouchercode shop
The player with the most referrals on 6/28/2019 WINS!


See you on the server!

Hi Crafters!

Welcome to PorkCraft.
Server Skyblock is official open. Our SkyBlock server got custom plugins, custom islands and much more!
You can join our server by ip:
If there is any problems, bugs or suggestions let us know!
Enjoy your stay!

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